Programmer interview, algorithm research, programming art, red-black tree, machine learning 5 series collection

Programmer interview, algorithm research, programming art, red-black tree, machine learning 5 series collection

   Collection and summary of 5 classic original series of programmer interview, algorithm research, programming art, red-black tree, and machine learning


Author: July-the blogger of the method of structure and algorithm.
Time: October 2010-May 2018, has been constantly updated..
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Note: After continuous revision and optimization, some articles in this blog have been assembled and published into the book " Programming: Interview and Algorithm Experience ".


Introduction I have been
blogging for more than 4 years. Looking back on these 4 years, my research interests have shifted from programming, interviews, data structures, and algorithms to the latest data mining and machine learning, and I have actually spent money on this blog. A huge amount of time and energy may be enough to write a few books. Regardless, I hope I can truly provide readers with tangible value and help.

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Selfless sharing for the benefit of the world. The
following are the Microsoft interview 100 question series in this blog, the classic algorithm research series, the programmer programming art series, the red-black tree series, and the top ten algorithms for data mining and other 5 classic original series and some important articles. Highlights:
1. Microsoft Interview 100 Questions Series

    The above-mentioned Microsoft Interview 100 question series (a total of 11 articles, more than 300 interview questions) PDF documents have been produced recently, and the download address is: .

2. Research and summary of fifteen classic algorithms, catalog + index

    The download address of the latest fifteen classic algorithm research PDF documents with 0 points is as follows (downloaded by 5000+ people in 1 month) : ...

   "In addition, the original 13 classic algorithm research [with catalog + tags] PDF documents, Csdn download address: ; Sina love to ask sharing download address:  ".

3. Programmer's programming art collection and summary of the first to forty chapters

    The latest PDF download address with tags for programmers programming art chapters 1~37 is (downloaded by 3000 people in 3 days): ...

   Programming Art github optimized version reading address: ....

   Important news: After repeated revisions and optimizations, the programming art series was finally published as a book, and renamed "The Method of Programming: Interview and Algorithm Experience". At present, major online stores such as, Dangdang, and Amazon are already on sale. Jingdong snapped up the address: ....

4. red-black tree, B tree, R tree, Trie tree

5. Mathematics Data Mining Machine Learning Deep Learning Series

6. Excerpts from other important articles


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