Exploitation plan monthly list Top authors list announced in April 2021

Exploitation plan monthly list Top authors list announced in April 2021

hi, friends, hello everyone~

The sixth issue of the monthly list of the digging plan is here~

This issue of the list announced the outstanding creators of the Nuggets community under the three categories of front-end, back-end, and mobile in April 2021, setting an example for the wider community of nuggets, and looking forward to the improvement of Nuggets in the technical field. Well, you can study more technology and output more high-quality content. While helping yourself and others to improve, you can also gain a lot.

The data basis of the list

In Nuggets, we will use the Nuggets value to calculate the cumulative contribution value of a Nugget friend in the Nuggets community. The purpose of the cumulative contribution value is to better give back to high-quality users, and at the same time, help them with the high-quality content they produce. More friends. Juejin Power is also called Juejin Power or can be abbreviated as JP. You can see your Juejin Power on your personal page.

The value of tapping

  1. The excavation value will affect the ranking of the articles you publish, and the content produced by users with high excavation value and active users will be recommended to more users

  2. The digging power value will affect whether you are recommended. More and more digging friends consume content through following, so being recommended and getting attention can effectively increase your influence

  3. There will be different permissions for the Nuggets. With the continuous improvement of the Nuggets, more and more functions and permissions will be unlocked, allowing you to run unimpeded in the Nuggets

How to calculate the digging force value

The purpose of digging force value is to calculate the cumulative contribution of a digging friend, and the core purpose of the digging community is to share and learn valuable content, so the value of the content he shares with you is directly related to:


That is, a user's power value is the sum of the "number of readings divided by 100" and the "number of likes" of the column he produced.

have to be aware of is

1. The Nugget value is only calculated for the column articles of the user in the Nuggets, that is, the content data written in the Nuggets 2. The strength value is updated and calculated every night 3. If the author deletes his own column, the corresponding strength value will be deducted, but the obtained permission will not be revoked Copy code

Therefore, in April 2021, the ranking list of tapping strength value is mainly based on the increase of tapping strength value. This latitude can more comprehensively reflect the author's activity in the community and contribution to community construction.

List rewards for this issue

List by category

  1. The top 3 each has a 100 yuan Jingdong card + physical listing certificate + exclusive listing poster
  2. 4th-10th place each one Nuggets PU canvas bag + entity list certificate + exclusive list poster
  3. The 11th-20th place each has a Nuggets enamel cup + physical listing certificate + exclusive listing poster.

Listing rules:

1. Selection scope

All creators who published original articles in Nuggets that month and did not violate the rules.

2. List selection cycle

Take the natural month as the statistical cycle, and announce the list of the previous month before the 10th of each month (holidays are postponed)

Data statistics time: 00:00 on the 1st of last month to 24:00 at the end of the previous month

3. List selection dimension

The list selection is based on the comprehensive consideration of the three dimensions of content quality, the number of articles published this month, and the increase in the value of this month due to creation.

The main evaluation indicators of content quality are the number of likes and the number of readings, that is, the increased power value of this article; the number of articles published this month = the number of recommended articles this month.


  • The creators of the monthly ranking must meet the requirement that there are recommended original articles in the statistical period before they can participate.

  • The original articles of the authors in this list do not include simple interviews, collections, and introduction articles.

4. The list on the list will be manually checked and checked, and the final result is subject to the page display.

The list is announced:

Author's personal homepage

front end

RankusernameHomepageGet the number of recommended articles
1I am not an alienjuejin.cn/user/241858...3
2I am coming to the seajuejin.cn/user/368521...1
4Li Yongningjuejin.cn/user/102879...7
7Devil Nezhajuejin.cn/user/145101...5
8_zero onejuejin.cn/user/133662...1
9Amazing programmerjuejin.cn/user/398428...5
11Zero zero waterjuejin.cn/user/234821...1
12The road is long OoOjuejin.cn/user/401947...1
13How many floors do you have to carry a bag of ricejuejin.cn/user/129268...3
14Jun Jiejuejin.cn/user/338615...1
15Blue saucejuejin.cn/user/248895...2
17ssh_Dreams in the morningjuejin.cn/user/233062...2
18Wang Fupengjuejin.cn/user/171489...2
20Dagu classmatesjuejin.cn/user/553809...21

back end

RankusernameHomepageGet the number of recommended articles
3Brother Xiaofujuejin.cn/user/391391...6
4Ao Bingjuejin.cn/user/440649...4
5Luo Zhujuejin.cn/user/325111...27
7Silent King IIjuejin.cn/user/958429...6
8Taro source code_ juejin.cn/user/322782...3
12Wang Zhongyang Gojuejin.cn/user/218988...13
14Programmer cxuanjuejin.cn/user/210192...4
15Ting Yu Notesjuejin.cn/user/588993...11
17Jie Ge's IT Journeyjuejin.cn/user/324541...6
18Little boy picking up snailsjuejin.cn/user/145101...1
19Black leakjuejin.cn/user/265685...7
20Xiaoxuzhu and Nuggetsjuejin.cn/user/374758...54


RankusernameHomepageGet the number of recommended articles
5Law spacejuejin.cn/user/254742...2
7Love Cat de Xiao Guojuejin.cn/user/817692...3
8Lao Pao Er, Gou Erjuejin.cn/user/337733...5
9The road is long OoOjuejin.cn/user/401947...2
11Zhang Fengjieterejuejin.cn/user/149189...2
13A programmer who was delayed by photographyjuejin.cn/user/335096...5
14Bug Xiaomingjuejin.cn/user/440649...13
15Chen Mushangjuejin.cn/user/800100...24
18Tang Zixuanjuejin.cn/user/308708...2
19HelloWorld Jie Shaojuejin.cn/user/195232...1

How to claim prizes

1. The authors on the list are asked to add a small V letter by category to obtain relevant certificates, posters and other rewards.

  • Front end: huoguohaha
  • Back end: 1728018879
  • Mobile terminal: ZZ1598697304

2. All authors on the list should fill in the questionnaire to register the prize receiving address before May 15, 2021. The expiration date will be deemed to be automatically abandoned and will not be reissued. Questionnaire

3. The final interpretation of this list belongs to the Nuggets community.

Mining Power Plan-Technical Topics: