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What is gRPC

gRPC is a modern, open source remote procedure call (RPC) framework that can run anywhere. It enables client and server applications to communicate transparently, and makes it easier to build connected systems.

Read the longer Motivation & Design Principles post for background on why we created gRPC.

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What is protobuf


//The greeter service definition. service Greeter { //Sends a greeting rpc SayHello (HelloRequest) returns (HelloReply) {} } //The request message containing the user's name. message HelloRequest { string name = 1; } //The response message containing the greetings message HelloReply { string message = 1; }

gRPC protobuf protobuf service message messgae protobuf grpc server client

server & client

node-grpc node gRPC

protobuf protobuf server routeguide server

var PROTO_PATH = __dirname + '/../../../protos/hello.proto'; var grpc = require('@grpc/grpc-js'); var protoLoader = require('@grpc/proto-loader'); //Suggested options for similarity to existing grpc.load behavior var packageDefinition = protoLoader.loadSync( PROTO_PATH, {keepCase: true, longs: String, enums: String, defaults: true, oneofs: true }); var protoDescriptor = grpc.loadPackageDefinition(packageDefinition); //The protoDescriptor object has the full package hierarchy var helloObj = protoDescriptor.hello;
helloObj gRPC server protobuf
import grpc from "@grpc/grpc-js"; // // // call callback metedata =>{} // function sayHello(call,callback) { //do something callback(); } function getServer() { var server = new grpc.Server(); server.addService(helloObj.Greeter.service, { sayHello: sayHello, }); return server; } var greeterServer = getServer(); greeterServer.bindAsync('', grpc.ServerCredentials.createInsecure(), () => { routeServer.start(); });
helloObj gRPC

var client = new helloObj.Greeter('localhost:50051', grpc.credentials.createInsecure()); function sayHello(callback) { const helloReq = { name: "you" }; var call = client.sayHello(name, function(err, response) { console.log('Greeting:', response.message); }); }


protobuf message enum client server

ts ts

//hello_pb.d.ts HelloRequest import * as jspb from "google-protobuf"; export class HelloRequest extends jspb.Message { getName(): string; setName(value: number): HelloRequest; serializeBinary(): Uint8Array; toObject(includeInstance?: boolean): HelloRequest.AsObject; static toObject(includeInstance: boolean, msg: Book): HelloRequest.AsObject; } export namespace HelloRequest { export type AsObject = { name: string, }

address client server uds dns etcd resolver etcd

//hello_grpc_pb.d.ts import * as hello_pb from "./hello_pb"; import * as grpc from "@grpc/grpc-js"; interface IGreeterService extends grpc.ServiceDefinition<grpc.UntypedServiceImplementation> { sayHello: IGreeterServiceService_ISayHello; } export const GreeterService: IGreeterService; export class GreeterClient extends grpc.Client { constructor(address: string, credentials: grpc.ChannelCredentials, options?: object); sayHello( argument: helloworld_pb.HelloRequest, callback: grpc.requestCallback<helloworld_pb.HelloReply> ): grpc.ClientUnaryCall; sayHello( argument: helloworld_pb.HelloRequest, metadataOrOptions: grpc.Metadata | grpc.CallOptions | null, callback: grpc.requestCallback<helloworld_pb.HelloReply> ): grpc.ClientUnaryCall; sayHello( argument: helloworld_pb.HelloRequest, metadata: grpc.Metadata | null, options: grpc.CallOptions | null, callback: grpc.requestCallback<helloworld_pb.HelloReply> ): grpc.ClientUnaryCall; }
import {GreeterService, IGreeterService} from "./proto/hello_grpc_pb"; function sayHello(call,callback,metedata){ //do something callback(); } function main() { var server = new grpc.Server(); server.addService(GreeterService, {sayHello: sayHello}); server.bindAsync('', grpc.ServerCredentials.createInsecure(), () => { server.start(); }); }
import { GreeterClient } from "./proto/hello_grpc_pb"; import { HelloRequest, HelloReply } from "./proto/hello_pb"; const client = new GreeterClient("", grpc.credentials.createInsecure()); const helloRequest = new HelloRequest(); helloRequest.setName('hello world!') // client.sayHello(request, (err, reply: HelloReply) => { if (err != null) { debug(`[sayHello] err:\nerr.message: ${err.message}\nerr.stack:\n${err.stack}`); reject(err); return; } log(`[sayHello] HelloReply: ${JSON.stringify(reply.toObject())}`); resolve(book); });


gRPC sayHello

HelloRequest json HelloRequest

Why use gRPC?

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http http hack


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json go json go pb struct json go json

call protobuf message CommonMessage CommonMessage CommonMessage messgae

CommonMessage pb

//The request message containing the common content. message CommonMessage { byte content = 1; }

grpc vs grpc-js

grpc-node node grpc c grpc js grpc-js grpc grpc

grpc http2 grpc-js 300KB grpc 10002000ms grpc-js 2030ms

callback grpc-jsgrpc


//grpc /** * Send a response to a unary or client streaming call. * @private * @param {grpc.Call} call The call to respond on * @param {*} value The value to respond with * @param {grpc~serialize} serialize Serialization function for the * response * @param {grpc.Metadata=} metadata Optional trailing metadata to send with * status * @param {number=} [flags=0] Flags for modifying how the message is sent. */ function sendUnaryResponse(call, value, serialize, metadata, flags) { //a var end_batch = {}; var statusMetadata = new Metadata(); var status = { code: constants.status.OK, details: 'OK' }; if (metadata) { statusMetadata = metadata; } var message; try { message = serialize(value); } catch (e) { common.log(constants.logVerbosity.ERROR, e); e.code = constants.status.INTERNAL; handleError(call, e); return; } status.metadata = statusMetadata._getCoreRepresentation(); if (!call.metadataSent) { end_batch[grpc.opType.SEND_INITIAL_METADATA] = (new Metadata())._getCoreRepresentation(); call.metadataSent = true; } message.grpcWriteFlags = flags; end_batch[grpc.opType.SEND_MESSAGE] = message; end_batch[grpc.opType.SEND_STATUS_FROM_SERVER] = status; // //b call.startBatch(end_batch, function (){}); // //c }

grpc a-b messge metadata b-c http2 a-b 1~2ms b-c startBatch c grpc-js grpc deprecated


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