The 100 Chrome plug-ins collected by "Chrome Plug-in Heroes", all of them are fine products! Collection is earning~

The 100 Chrome plug-ins collected by "Chrome Plug-in Heroes", all of them are fine products! Collection is earning~

Grain-Chrome plug-in hero list

Granules-Chrome plug-in hero list, write a Chinese manual for excellent Chrome plug-ins, let Chrome plug-in heroes benefit mankind~

Open source address of this project

100 "Volume master" perfectly controls the volume of each web page

Volume master is a small tool with a single function but a good reputation; its adjustment is one-time and only for one web page. The default volume value of the web page is 100%. You can adjust it to 200%, this 200 % Is only valid for the current webpage. Changing videos within the webpage can retain 200% of the effect without affecting other webpages.

099 "Get Favicon" One-click access to the website's ultra-clear icon

If you need to do some research on the content or data of some websites in the same industry, you can put Favicon in the PPT chart, the effect of the display will be clear at a glance, and Favicon will become a bonus item for your PPT

098 "RSSHub Radar" can help you quickly discover and subscribe to the current website RSS browser extension

RSS is the thing of the last generation. With the various operations of the content platforms recommending algorithms, RSS has been turned up again; from the current point of view, RSS is equivalent to treating each website as an official account, and users can use RSS Reader, subscribe to your favorite website updates. Unlike the official account, RSS has no advertisements, no login is required, and user information cannot be collected, and users will not be closed to their own knowledge system by homogenized information.

097 "Pretend Ink Screen" turns web content into an ink screen effect

Pretending to be an ink screen is equivalent to turning the screen color into a comfortable black and white, which makes the eyes more comfortable.

096 "Feedbro" Subscribe to RSS feeds in Chrome

In today's information explosion, everyone gets a lot of information, but due to the abuse of recommendation algorithms, most of the information is homogenized; if you listen to it, you will be dark, and you will be clear when you listen. We can subscribe to multi-site RSS to let ourselves accept the information. Be unbiased, listen to the words of a hundred schools of thought, and do safe things.

095 "JsonFormatter" Lightweight Json open source formatting tool to view the data structure of the api interface field

094 "SmoothScroll" a wonderful gadget that makes web pages scroll as smooth as cream

"SmoothScroll" is a simple and practical gadget, so that the wheel mouse can also have a creamy smooth like a trackpad.

093 "Search to Play the Song" listen to the song I want to listen to at any time in the browser~ (Jay Chou's also works)

"Search to Play the Song" turns the browser into the most convenient music listening software. Whether you are a Mac, Windows, or Linux, you can get a good listening experience by installing this tool~

092 "Copyfish Free OCR Software" automatic screenshots to recognize text in web pages

CopyFishOCR is a tool with a high recognition rate. You can choose to recognize multiple languages and support mainstream browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and FireFox. If you are a person who often finds documentation resources, you must not miss it~

091 "FasterChrome" mouse hover preload link to let your Chrome take off

Humans need an average of 300ms response time from pointing a hyperlink to clicking. FasterChrome shortens the time to 65mm. Each page is equivalent to 235ms in advance. For websites that use CDN, 235ms can download resources of about 100KB to 300KB. When a human clicks the mouse, the html of the page has basically been downloaded, and the effect of opening the page in seconds is easily realized.

090 "Rejection of QR Code Login" allows Taobao, JD, Alibaba Cloud and other websites to log in with account passwords by default

The QR code login was originally designed for security. Now it is to increase the daily activity of users. When logging in to the PC version of Sina Weibo, even if you enter the correct account password, you must open the Sina Weibo App and scan the code again. It's really disgusting. Human design.

089 "Local YouTube Downloader" implements functions banned by Google

The author of "Local YouTube Downloader" himself admits that youtube-dl is better to use than "Local YouTube Downloader", but "Local YouTube Downloader" is a script that does not need to install the Python development environment and can be used directly in the browser. It is extremely friendly to ordinary users, so non-professional users who are too lazy to toss are recommended to use "Local YouTube Downloader".

088 "Zhihu Web Assistant" makes the web version of Zhihu easier to use

"Zhihu Web Assistant" makes the Zhihu experience smoother. The user pain points solved by the tool itself are what Zhihu officials can do, but they will not do it for the benefit of the platform.

087 "Douban Resource Download Master" 1 second to get Douban movie|Music|Book download

"Douban Resource Download Master" is a useful search aggregation tool that allows users to use the Douban comment details page of the work as an entrance to the work download page of various resource websites, which greatly reduces the workload of finding resources!

086 "CSDN Development Assistant" CSDN official legal free advertising tool, contains a large number of practical development tools

"CSDN Development Assistant" is a small tool developed by the developer community. Properly operated, there will be excellent development prospects. Some people say "CSDN Development Assistant" is a suture monster, but if "CSDN Development Assistant" is willing to tappermonkey The function can also be stitched in, and it will really become a gadget with great promise for all ages.

085 "nonstop" jumps to Zhihu, Weibo, Jianshu, qq mailbox and other external links that cannot be directly jumped

Nonstop solves the problem of user jump confirmation with less than 30 lines of code. It is an extremely good small tool.

084 "Web for TikTok" Use Chrome to use the overseas version of TikTok to download Tiktok short videos

TikTok is currently one of the most popular apps among young people. It achieves full coverage of PC+mobile terminal through Chrome. It is indeed a good product!

083 "APK Downloader for Google Play Store" Get the apk installation package from Google Store

There are a lot of interesting APK installation packages in Google Play. The early versions of APK are relatively classic, with few ads and powerful functions. If you want to treasure the installation packages of these APK specific versions, you may wish to use "APK Downloader for Google Play Store" to set the treasured version Save the APK to the local hard drive

082 "iGG Google Access Assistant" How to download extension tools from the Chrome store?

"IGG Google Access Assistant" allows your Chrome browser to use Google search, Gmail, and access the Chrome extension store

081 "GitHub Acceleration" improves the speed of Chinese developers' access to GitHub

080 "Small Code Short Links" generate multiple permanent short links for the same URL for free

The small code short link is a free extension that can generate multiple short links of various URLs with one click, and also provides a short link QR code simultaneously. For new media workers, it measures the amount of content read in various channels ( Conversion rate)!

079 "Search the current site (site search)" super practical site search tool

Professional things need to be done with professional tools. The core function of search engines is to index the content of webpages. Even if there are millions of webpages on the website, searching for keywords through search engine syntax will only take a moment for the results.

078 "Bookmarks clean up" efficiently clean up duplicate and damaged bookmarks

Design needs to be subtracted, and so are browser bookmarks! If your browser s bookmarks have not been sorted for a long time, it will become very time-consuming to find URLs. Bookmarks clean up can not only list duplicate bookmarks, but also clean up expired web pages. It is indeed a high-quality tool~

077 "Sourcegraph" recommended github warehouse keyword search tool by Ruan Yifeng

076 "Listen1" Chrome listens to paid songs tool! Listen to Jay Chou s songs for free, NetEase Cloud Music, QQ Music, Xiami Music, Kugou, Kuwo, Bilibili, Migu, all with one extension

Is there a Chrome extension that can listen to all paid music on domestic music platforms? The answer is yes!

075 "Link to Text Fragment", a sharing tool released by Google, has made 30,000 new media people cry out for a job...

Link to Text Fragment is an eye-catching plug-in. It is simple to use and has obvious effects. It stores the quoted text in the form of links. The lower version browser can also open the webpage smoothly. For authors who write technical articles, it is worthwhile Called the perfect way of quoting.

074 How to freely copy the content of Baidu Wenku webpage in "Crack the right-click lock"?

The function of prohibiting right-click copying on the webpage can't prevent the developer at all, open the developer tools, and all the content is in a panoramic view

And cracking the right-click lock is a tool that allows ordinary people to eat melons, and it can easily crack the right-click lock.

073 How does "Chrome Better History" make it easier for Chrome to find history?

Chrome Better History uses a calendar to index historical records, realizing one-click direct historical records to any date, with practical functions, and greatly improving search efficiency

072 "OneNote Web Clipper" Microsoft's free cross-platform note-taking OneNote extension

OneNote Web Clipper is an extension tool for OneNote. It collects materials from web pages in a variety of ways and automatically saves them to any notebook in OneNote.

071 "Color Tab" color hunter high-quality color matching enhance your aesthetics

Color Tab has a unique approach among many tab page extensions. It uses high-quality color schemes to subtly enhance the user's aesthetics, and uses extensions to guide the website, so that the high-quality color matching concept can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It is a niche and elegant application.

070 "Network Disk Assistant" network disk master key, custom extraction code, access to file download straight chain

Do not enable the browser window of NetDrive Assistant, you need to manually enter the extraction code

Enable the browser window of the SkyDrive Assistant, the extraction code will be automatically filled

069 "ublock origin" exempts Youku, Tencent, iQiyi, YouTube video ads

ublock_origin can directly speed up and filter out the 60-second countdown, and you can happily brush Naruto

068 "Pakku Bilibili Barrage Filter" to enhance your Bilibili Barrage experience

Pakku is an extension tool that enhances the barrage function. It allows us to appreciate the barrage without being swiped by the repeater. Pakku uses the barrage spectrogram to achieve the function of "high-energy progress bar". When we refresh some videos in the future , You can drag the progress bar safely, skip the area with less barrage, and realize fast video refreshing

067 "bilibili Bilibili B Station Download Assistant" Download videos that can be watched at B station

"Bilibili Bilibili B Station Download Assistant" is a really small and beautiful extension. After installing the extension, click the button at the bottom of the page to open the folding panel, and then just click the download button to complete the entire video download, and the plug-in Promise to be free forever, really conscience software!

066 "PowerfulPixivDownloader" welfare tool! Pixiv image batch downloader

PowerfulPixivDownloader is a classic directional crawler applet. It is an artifact for Pixiv enthusiasts. For new media workers, it is also a tool for collecting pictures. With the click of a button, you can get hundreds of super clear illustrations!

065 "HTML5 Video Screenshot Tool" accurately captures every frame of video to make Cai Xukun move

With the increasing promotion of the html5 standard, there are more and more video websites that support html5 players. You can use the "HTML5 Video Screenshotr" correctly. One frame of ultra-definition video content

064 "Floating Picture Show" elegantly view the video cover of station B

PhotoShow (PhotoShow) is a big picture tool, just put the mouse on top of the picture, you can see the maximum size

063 "Picviewer CE+" a feature-rich webpage viewing artifact

Picviewer CE+ is an excellent image viewing tool that can perform common operations such as obtaining original images, zooming, rotating, online editing, batch viewing, batch downloading, etc.

062 "Caiyun Xiaoyi" one-click translation tool to realize the Chinese and English comparison of web pages

The default Chinese and English comparison of the Caiyun Xiaoyi extension program is eye-catching, and the official website provides a free API (1 million words per month)

061 "ImageAssistant" image assistant batch image downloader

"ImageAssistant" image assistant batch image downloader, in terms of extracting webpage pictures, the function is very comprehensive, it can extract the resources of most image websites, if you often worry about not being able to extract webpage image resources, I believe this extension can do it for you Bring surprises

060 "Tabagotchi" contributes to the mitigation of global warming

The Tabagotchi extension reminds us in an interesting way to reduce the number of tabs, reduce the heat generated by the computer, and contribute to the prevention of global warming~

059 "PageSpeed Insight and CheckList" provides suggestions and quantitative indicators for web page optimization

The combination of PageSpeed Insight and CheckList and Google Page Speed can score webpage quality, quantify the effect of webpage optimization, and also point out the direction for webpage optimization. It is a very important tool for front-end engineers.

058 "IP-Address" Quickly view the current device IP

Obtaining the IP address of the current device is a frequently encountered problem for developers, and the simple and compact software "IP-Address" can meet our needs

057 "Save Picture As JPG/PNG/WebP" Let WebP pictures download in PNG format

WebP is a very advanced format, but because the veteran image editing software like Photoshop does not support it, we can only convert the picture to png format and then edit it. Advanced technology changes the world. It takes a process and provides a compromise in the process. The solution (changing WebP to png, and then png image to WebP) is also a valuable thing~

056 "Search" sets search engine keywords for Chrome

On the early website navigation homepage, you can click to select a different search engine to search (the number is limited, and it does not support customization), while Chrome search is more geeky, through the method of customizing keywords and adding spaces , in the search engine Freely switching between is a method that combines scalability and ease of use

055 "Keylines" adds random stroke colors to web page elements

The implementation principle of Keylines is very simple (adding the outline attribute to the web page dom element), but the display effect is very amazing. This should be attributed to the excellent ideas of the author of Keylines. In many cases, excellent software does not necessarily use the difficult to master Technology, but contains the author's excellent ideas~

054 "Two Boxes + Searching Pictures by Pictures" allows you to search for pictures as you like (do whatever you want)

"Two Boxes to Search for Pictures" is a simple and practical tool for searching pictures. If you are a designer, it can help you quickly find the source of materials used in other people's designs and improve your work efficiency~

053 "Mouse click effects ( )" adds interesting special effects for mouse clicks

"Mouse Click Special Effects ( )" is an extension program that adds interesting special effects to mouse clicks. Although it has no practical use, it is very fun. When recording some interesting webpage applets, it will be very brilliant~

052 "Site Palette" automatically extracts website color

The Site Palette is simple to use, functional, and has no ads. It is a typical small and beautiful extension. The more such extensions, the better the Chrome user experience~

051 "Custom Cursor for Chrome " puts a cute Hatsune cursor for Chrome

In the early days of QQ space and personal blogs, we would add various decorations to the pages, and even the mouse pointer should be customized. At that time, I felt so fun, but later I lost interest. For personal blogs, the simpler the better, so There are blog themes with a lot of blank space like Next, but I feel that adding some customized small objects to themes like Next is also good. Finding a balance between simplicity and fancy is not the source of the joy of life~

050 "Google Results Previewer" Click to view Google search results

The function of Google Results Previewer is simple and practical, and there are no redundant settings. It is a novice-friendly tool

049 "Web Server for Chrome" set up a local web server to realize local area network shared folders

Web Server for Chrome can help us quickly open the http service locally, making development and testing easier. If you want to create a shared folder with a small partner in a local area network, Web Server for Chrome may be your best Simple implementation method~

048 "Words Discoverer" new postures to recite words to improve your vocabulary

Words Discoverer (Chinese translation: word discoverer), can highlight the rare English dictionary vocabulary and idioms on the web. Promote English language learning and expand vocabulary . By automatically highlighting webpage words, auxiliary word memory is a good way. It is recommended that after a period of time, you should slightly increase the number of most commonly used English words , such as from the default Adjusted from 15% to 16%, the combination of word finder and salad word search is really an excellent experience~

047 "Go to Tab" quickly jump to the opened webpage

Go to Tab is very helpful for programmers who open a large number of pages during work and do not shut down for a long time.

046 "WhatFont" font lovers elegantly view web fonts

WhatFont is a small tool with a very single function, which allows font lovers to elegantly view the properties of web fonts. If you have an obsession with beautiful fonts, I recommend you to , and other font websites to find more What a cute font~

045 "Restlet Client" excellent Api testing tool

Restlet Client is a development utility tool that supports one-click import of test cases for api test tools such as Postman. Recently, Postman has begun to promote its own client installation package of about 70M. There is no improvement in the function, but the volume has become super large, and Postman's Chrome Extension, the support for macOS is not very good (every time you open it, an error will pop up) Restlet Client is still just an out-of-the-box Chrome extension, very suitable for small partners with limited hard disk space (software features can be used That's it~)

044 "Google Access Assistant" to access the Chrome store Gmail Google search

"Google Access Assistant" allows us to access the Chrome store, as well as Google search, Google Gmail and other services

Only for users in Hong Kong to facilitate scientific research and help in foreign trade. Bad users will block access to IP at their own risk.
, Google Access Assistant requires you to set the homepage as
It can be used, it has the rogue connotation of Baidu Family Bucket and 360 Family Bucket~

043 "Dream Afar New Tab" a new way to explore the world

The design of "Dream Afar New Tab" is very beautiful, the function adjustment is also very simple, there are only two-level menus, the wallpaper is also very beautiful, friends who have requirements for the appearance of the browser, you can give it a try~

042 Install Chrome extension in Edge

Edge can install most of the extensions in the Chrome store, but the Google developed App program in Chrome, similar to the Secure Shell App , cannot be installed at present. The new version of Edge uses Chrome's Chromium kernel, which can be compatible with various installations in the Chrome ecosystem. The application brings unlimited possibilities for the future development of Edge~

041 "Copy All Urls" elegantly save-open multiple tabs

Copy All Urls is a small and beautiful tool. If you need to view several fixed web pages every day, Copy All Urls can save you a lot of time~

040 "GitZip for github" Download emoji packages in batches from Github

I have introduced the expansion tool "Enhanced Github" , "Enhanced Github" and "GitZip for github" that can quickly download a single file on Github before, so that we can download them quickly.

039 "Simplify Gmail" makes the web version of Gmail more refreshing

A good extension program should be like this. It is refreshing when people see it, but the method to use is very simple. If you have not registered a Gmail mailbox, you can try to register one. Gmail is very easy to use, has a standardized interface, will not intercept emails casually, and will not be full of advertisements on the page

038 "Alexa Traffic Rank" to view the global ranking of the website with one click

The website ranking given by Alexa is currently recognized as the most valuable ranking. Open a new site, check the Alexa ranking of the new site, and sites similar to it. Let us quickly locate the new site and have a rough idea Cognition~

037 "Saladict" Google! You Dao! I want it all! Aggregate dictionary, parallel translation

Saladict is a very good word search extension. The above just mentioned some of its most commonly used functions. The background management options of Saladict are very rich, and interested friends can explore it slowly.

036 "Screen Shader" turns the screen into a warm color, your eyes will thank you

For office workers who look at the computer for a long time, you can try to adjust the screen to a warm color. You may not be used to it at first, but later you will feel that your eyes will be much more comfortable, and your eyes will also thank you~

035 "Print Friendly & PDF" gives you the best printing and reading experience

"Print Friendly & PDF" is a file printing chrome plug-in, it will delete junk advertisements, navigation and useless floating windows before printing to achieve page optimization, so that you have the best printing and reading experience, if you often need to print web pages, you can Make your printing work save time and effort through "Print Friendly & PDF"~

034 "Astro Bot" uses a new tab page to brush programming questions

Astro Bot can display a program-related issue or related news on the new tab page

033 "One Leaf" opens a real-time barrage chat window message board on any webpage

One leaf is a very thoughtful product, but the number of users is still very small at present. I personally have some ideas about this. If the official can emulate treasure hunting games such as pokemongo, in the message board corresponding to the homepage of major websites, Planting some interesting easter eggs and letting users hunt for treasure may be beneficial to the promotion of the product~

032 "Smallpdf" simple and easy-to-use online PDF tool

Smallpdf is a very useful PDF tool that can be collected and used as a daily office tool. Smallpdf can merge multiple PDFs online, and edit PDFs online. If you are a person who often deals with PDFs, don't miss it~

031 "OneTab" converts multiple Tabs into a list

When you find that you have too many tabs, click the OneTab icon, and all the tabs will be converted into a list. When you need to visit these tabs again, click the OneTab icon to call up the list, and click the list to restore the tab.

030 "Nuggets" believes in the power of high-quality technical content

If you want to programmers, product managers, designers, knowledge of the industry understand, you can look all right to open the Nuggets plug, if you feel like the contents inside, the Nuggets can go to the official website visit a visit

029 "SimpRead" enables reading mode for any webpage

Turning on the reading mode for web pages allows us to focus more on the content and will not be distracted by colorful advertising. SimpRead is a plug-in that opens the reading mode for web pages .

028"AdBlock" Adblock blocks short book ads

Adblock has very rich functions, but many functions are basically not used. Ordinary users only need to turn on Adblock, and can use the right-click tool to block advertisements that they don't like, which is enough~

027 "Text" Cross-platform notepad from Chrome Labs

Text is developed and open sourced by Google Chrome Lab. The open source address is Text is a small and beautiful product. The function is not powerful, but it is enough, and it is cross-platform with the help of Chrome (it can also be used on Linux~ )

026 "Quickey Launcher" opens the website with just one click

Quickey Launcher binds a shortcut key to any webpage in an elegant way. After the binding is completed, you can open the webpage through the shortcut key

025 "Console" Chrome comes with a useful calculator

The usefulness of the Chrome computer: You can see the record of adding numbers, and you can also preview the results of the calculation in real time. After the input is completed, it can be easily checked again. high)

024 "Dark Reader" enables night mode for any website

Friends who like night mode, Dark Reader should be able to satisfy you~

023 "FireShot" one-click scrolling screenshots of the entire webpage

Generally speaking, FireShot is a good software, free and functional. The function of scrolling screenshots is better than similar software.

022 "Extension Manager" manage your Chrome extensions

If there are many plug-ins installed by Chrome, we can group the plug-ins and enable different groups of plug-ins according to the scenario

021 "Bilibili Assistant" helps you quickly become an old driver at station B

Bilibili Assistant, the function is practical, the developers have been maintaining a higher frequency of updates, you can rest assured to eat~

020 "Boxel Rebound" "Hey to Poison" bouncing cubes (with self-made track sharing method)

Boxel Rebound is a geeky little game. The gameplay is simple. You can freely create tracks, share tracks, and get other people's tracks for secondary development; whether you are a Mac user, a Windows user, or a Linux user, as long as you install Chrome Browser, you can play Boxel Rebound

019 "MEGA" network disk can be conscientious to what extent? Try MEGA!

There is no concept of speed limit (really disgusting by the speed limit strategy of Baidu Disk) Available in China (Google is good, but it is not available in China, MEGAsync is available in China) Cloud encryption, resources will not be blocked Official Linux customers end

018 "Enhanced Github" from "freezer" to "popsicle", download a single file on Github

I need Github to give me a popsicle to relieve the heat, but Github insists on giving me the freezer with popsicles (you guys are really interesting)... With the Enhanced Github plug-in, we can download the core of Github's excellent projects Code files for learning, instead of downloading the entire warehouse as a collection

017 "Sina Weibo Tubing" local Markdown writing is more smooth, Sina Weibo Tubing is here to help

Write the article in Markdown. If the local image is used in the article, the local image must be packaged with the article, otherwise others will not be able to see the image. If you put the local image on the web server, then paste the url of the image directly Go to the article, you can dispense with the steps of picture packaging

016 "Remove B station area restrictions" check the third season of Attack on Titan

Lifting B station area restrictions, must-have skills for old drivers at B station

015 "XPath Helper" completes the small crawler of Bing's daily wallpaper

XPath is a small plugin that helps us write crawlers. We can use XPath to help us complete a small crawler of Bing wallpaper~

014 "Super Mario Game" Chrome turned into a cub

What kind of experience is playing Super Mario with Chrome? Haha, fun! The "Super Mario Game" plug-in allows you to open Chrome and play Super Mario at any time, hehe

013 "Quick QR" uses QR code to realize cloud paste

With Quick QR, we can get any piece of text information on the PC browser by scanning the code on the mobile phone without using any communication software (cloud pasteboard~)

012 "OurStickys" Chrome Featured Web Memo Pad

When introducing your favorite web page function to everyone, you can talk and write notes to the web page, which will not only make people shine, but also make it easier for the audience to grasp the point~

011 "Whatruns" one-click analysis of website technology stack

If you are very interested in the website you are currently browsing, you can learn about the technology stack of the software through whatruns, for example, see what technology is used by this name facebook

010 "speedtest" network speed test plug-in speedtest

When the Internet speed is very slow, the first thing people think of is to conduct network speed measurement. On the window, as long as you install 360 Family Bucket, the speed measurement function is installed by default, but the speed measurement function does not need to be installed locally. , Just leave it to the browser

009 "vimium" Chrome and vim dual artifact integration

Vimium allows us to browse the web using only the keyboard. If you see someone using vimium for the first time, its operation will definitely surprise you~

008 "Chrome Cleaner Pro" accelerates Chrome

After the development of Chrome in recent years, there are more and more powerful extensions, and it is getting closer and closer to the goal of Chrome OS. When the software becomes larger, there will be common problems similar to Windows, and the software will slow down, making Chrome the fastest The simple way is to clean up the garbage, and Chrome Cleaner Pro takes the path of one-click cleaning~

007 "loom" Chrome ripping web video artifact

Loom can record a single tab of the browser with one click (the artifact of pirated and ripped videos). After the recording is completed, it will automatically generate an online web page for video playback. You can download the video just recorded, or you can set a password for the online video that has just been generated (pirated version). Screen recording and release one-stop service~)

006 "SimilarSites" Find sister sites SimilarSites with one click

When you browse a great site, you might think about what sites are "similar" to it, especially for some resource sites. This site does not have it, and its similar sites "often have"! SimilarSites, it There is only one role, find similar sites!

005 "Video Speed Controller" refreshing lesson (scrolling drama) artifact! Speed up web videos (up to 16 times faster!)

When brushing some non-nutritive videos, we will have the need to play the video at a double speed, and the online player of the website generally only provides a playback speed not higher than 4 times, and the Video Speed Controller can increase the video playback speed to 16 times the speed~

004 "Tampermonkey" Oil Monkey! Open a hook to the browser

You must become the second application store of Chrome. With You Monkey, you can view VIP videos for free, clear all kinds of web advertisements, and display the download address of movie resources on the Douban Movie Review page~

003 "Secure Shell App" What kind of experience is to open ssh in Chrome

Many novices want to build their own VPN by purchasing a server. After purchasing a server, the first step is to log in to the server through ssh, and Windows does not have its own ssh software. Now you don't need to download putty or xshell, you can use this Secure Shell App directly implements ssh login server in chrome

002 "chrono" makes it easier for Chrome to download resources

Chrono can sniff and identify the resources in the web page very conveniently, and then download all the resources with one click (receive the picture!)

001 "markdown-here" One-click conversion of Markdown to "rich text format"

With the markdown-here plug-in, you can write in the web version of QQ mailbox, Gmail, Sina headlines, and use the mardown format to write, and then convert it to rich text with one click


Thanks to the boiling point operations Nuggets @ steamed instead of boiled given positive beginning to put a better index directory of tips

Thank Jane books communities awesome Markdown editor, Chrome plugin Armory editing work, almost entirely done by simple book editor