Rockefeller’s letter to his son (selected from the first 14 letters)

Rockefeller’s letter to his son (selected from the first 14 letters)

The US oil king Rockefeller was valued at approximately US$300 billion in his lifetime, making him the richest person in the world. The letter he left to his son is full of wisdom of life. After reading it, I admire it very much. An article is reproduced here, extracting the most classic sentences, which can be said to be a thousand words, each sentence is worthy of our repeated reading and taste, and each sentence is used as a guide for our life.


The start of the first letter does not determine the end

Our destiny is determined by our actions, not entirely by our origin.

People who are privileged but have no power are trash, and those who are educated without influence are a pile of worthless rubbish.

God created two feet for us, so that we can walk on our own feet.

The founding belief of the United States of America is that all people are created equal, but this equality is equality in the sense of rights and laws, and has nothing to do with economic and cultural advantages. Think about it, our world is like a mountain. When your parents live on the top of the mountain, you are destined to not live at the foot of the mountain; when your parents live at the foot of the mountain, you are destined to not live on the top of the mountain. In most cases, the position of the parents determines the child's starting point in life.

But this does not mean that everyone's starting point is different, and their life results are also different. In this world, there is never a hereditary theory of being poor and rich, and there will never be a hereditary theory of success or failure. There is only the truth of my struggle and success. I firmly believe that our destiny is determined by our actions, not by our origin.

Opportunities will never be equal, but the results may be equal.

The starting point may affect the result, but it will not determine the result.

The second letter luck depends on planning

Everyone is the designer and architect of his own destiny. I don't live by god-given luck, but by my planning and luck.

When waiting for luck, know how to guide luck. Designing luck is designing life.

Visionary businessmen are always good at finding opportunities in every disaster.

When conceiving a good design, you must first consider two basic prerequisites. The first is to know your goals, and the second is to know what resources you have. After adjusting the target according to the resource or adjusting the resource according to the target, there is a foundation-a structure that can be conceived and designed, and the rest is filled with means and timing, and waiting for luck.

The third letter heaven and hell are next to each other

The highest reward for our labor lies not in what we get, but in what we become.

If you see work as a pleasure, life is heaven.

If you see work as an obligation, life is hell.

Loving work is a belief. With this belief in mind, we all chisel the desperate mountain into a rock of hope. A great painter said it well, "The pain will pass, but the beauty will last forever."

No matter how big a person's ambitions are, he must at least start before he can reach the peak. Once you start, it is not too difficult to move on. The more difficult or unpleasant work is, the more you must do it immediately. If he waits longer, it becomes more difficult and scary. It's a bit like shooting a gun. The longer you aim, the less chance you will hit.

Do the fourth letter now

Opportunities come by chance. Bad habits can control our success or failure. It is easy to develop, but difficult to serve.

Successfully putting a good idea into practice is more valuable than thinking up a thousand good ideas at home.

I have always believed that opportunities come by chance. No matter how good the idea is, there are flaws. Even a very ordinary plan, if it is implemented and continues to develop, it will be much better than a good plan that is abandoned halfway, because the former will be carried through, but the latter will be abandoned. So I said that there is no secret to success. To achieve positive results in life, to have extraordinary intelligence and special talents is of course good. There is nothing wrong with it. As long as you are willing to act actively, you will get closer and closer to success.

Action and adequate preparation can actually be regarded as two sides of an object. Life must end in moderation. Too much preparation but delay in taking action will only waste time in vain. In other words, everything must be restrained. We must not fall into the trap of continuous exercise and continuous planning, but must realize the reality: no matter how detailed the plan is, we still cannot predict the final solution.

Only by relying on himself can a person not let himself down and increase his chances of controlling his destiny. Smart people will only make things happen.

The most frustrating thing in life is that there are too many things you want to do. As a result, you not only don't have enough time to do it, but you think about the many steps of each thing, and you are frightened by the emotion of being unable to do nothing. We must admit that time is limited and no one can do everything. Smart people know that not all actions will necessarily produce good results. Only wise actions can bring meaningful results. Therefore, smart people will only absorb the work that will achieve positive results in the future, do and complete the work of the greatest goal, and be dedicated, so smart people can always make the most valuable contributions and reap many benefits.

To have the habit of doing it now, the most important thing is to have a proactive spirit, to get rid of the habit of lax spirit, to be determined to be an active person, to be used to do things, do not wait until everything is ready before doing it, never Absolutely perfect thing. Cultivating the habit of action does not require special wisdom or special skills, just work hard and let good habits blossom and bear fruit in life.

The fifth letter must be determined to compete

I do not welcome competition, I destroy competitors.

Even if you lose, the only thing you have to do is to be open and honest to lose.

Crutches cannot replace strong and strong feet. We have to stand up on our own feet.

An excellent commander will not attack a bunker that has nothing to do with him, but will do his best to destroy the bunker that is sufficient to capture the entire city.

Every vital competition is a fate-determining battle. "To retreat is to surrender! Retreat will become a slave!" Since war is inevitable, let it come! In this world, competition never stops, and we have no time to rest. What we can do is to bring steel-like determination to face the endless challenges and competitions, and we must be emotional and enjoy it, otherwise, it will not produce good results.

If you want to win in the competition, the more important thing is to stay alert. When you keep seeing your opponent trying to weaken you, that is the beginning of the competition.

The sixth letter is a mortgage for the future

Borrowing money is to create good luck.

Whether you want to win wealth or life, a good person thinks about what I will do if I lose, but what I should do to become a winner.

Life is a process of continuous mortgage. We mortgage our youth for the future and our life for happiness. Because if you dare not approach the bottom line, you lose.

I pledged not only my business, but also my honesty. I regard contracts and contracts as sacred things. I strictly abide by contracts and never default on debts. I never forget to treat investors, banks, customers, including competitors, with sincerity. When discussing issues with them, I insist on telling the truth. I never fabricate or make vague words. I firmly believe that lies will come under the sun. Manifest.

Managing and using money is different from making a determination to make money and requires different beliefs. To manage and use money, you must be willing to do it yourself, manage the numbers yourself, not just talk about management and strategy. God is shown in the details. If you ignore these details, or transcend the details, and delegate this "miscellaneous" to others, it is equivalent to at least ignoring the general important responsibilities of your business operations. Details should never hinder enthusiasm. To succeed, you have to remember two points: one is tactics and the other is strategy.

The scariest thing about the seventh letter is mental bankruptcy

As long as it does not become a habit, failure is a good thing.

By taking advantage of the opportunity, you are depriving others of the opportunity and guarantee yourself.

Once avoiding failure becomes your motivation for doing things, you become lazy.

Everyone in this world does not have a smooth life; on the contrary, they have to live next to failure at all times. Perhaps it is precisely because there are too many helpless failures in this world that the pursuit of excellence has become so charming that people are chasing them, even at the cost of life. Even so, failure always comes.

I regard failure as a glass of strong wine, what I swallow is bitter, but what I vomit is spirit.

There is no free lunch in the world, and it is impossible to maintain the status quo. If you stand still, you are regressing, but to make progress, you must be willing to make decisions and take risks.

If you are afraid of failure, you don't dare to take risks. If you don't dare to take risks, you will miss the opportunity in front of you. Therefore, in order to avoid losing opportunities and maintain the qualifications for competition, it is worth paying for failures and setbacks.

My motto is: People must always stay vigorous, always strong and persevering, no matter what failures and setbacks they encounter, this is the only thing I can do. I can understand that what I do will make myself happy, and what is worthy of my life. The fundamental expectation, like the broom in the hands of a cleaner, will sweep away all the rubbish on your road to success.

Optimistic people see opportunities in suffering, and pessimistic people see suffering in opportunities.

There is no success without challenge. Don't stop because of one failure and defeat yourself. You are the biggest winner. The eighth letter will fail unless you give up

There is nothing in the world that can replace perseverance. Unless you give up, you will not be beaten. Too many people overestimate what they lack, but underestimate what they have.

Success is a series of struggles. Almost all of those great figures have suffered a series of merciless blows. Each of them almost declared surrender, but they finally achieved brilliant achievements because of their persistence.

There is no lucky person who does not fail. The important thing is not to become a coward because of failure. If we do our best and still fail to achieve the goal, all we should do is learn from the lesson and strive to perform better in the next efforts.

There is nothing in the world that can replace perseverance. Talents are not acceptable either. People who are not talented are everywhere, and geniuses who do nothing are common; neither is education. The world is full of learned but useless people. Only perseverance and determination are not bad.

When we continue to reach the peak, we must remember: each step of the ladder allows us enough time to step on, and then step on to a higher level, it is not for us to rest. We are tired and discouraged on the way, but like a boxer said, you have to fight another round to win. When encountering difficulties, we have to fight another round. Everyone has unlimited potential inside. Unless we know where it is and insist on using it, it is worthless.

Great opportunities do not seek outsiders, however, we have to work hard to grasp them. As the saying goes: "Hit the iron while it's hot." It's true. Perseverance and hard work are important. Every "no" answer brings us closer and closer to the "yes" answer. "It is always the darkest before dawn" is not a catch phrase. When we work hard and use our skills and talents, a successful day will eventually come.

Ninth letter faith is gold

The level of confidence determines the level of achievement. As long as we believe that we can succeed, we will succeed.

I never believe that failure is the mother of success, I believe that faith is the father of success.

Everyone "hopes" that one day they can reach the highest level and enjoy the fruits of success that follow. But most of them do not have the necessary confidence and determination, and they can't reach the top. It is also because they believe that they can't reach it, so that they can't find a way to the top, their actions have always stayed at the level of ordinary people.

Victory is a habit, and failure is also a habit. If you want to succeed, you must achieve sustained victory. I don't like to win for a while. What I want is sustained victory. Only in this way can I become a strong player. Confidence inspired my ability to succeed.

Adopting an attitude of "I will give it a try, but I don't think there will be any results" will definitely lead to failure in the end. "Unbelief" is a negative force. When you disagree or have doubts in your mind, you will come up with various reasons to support your "unbelief." Suspicion, unbelief, the tendency to fail subconsciously, and the lack of a desire to succeed are the main causes of failure. If you doubt it, you will fail. If you believe in victory, you must succeed.

It is faith that illuminates my path, constantly gives me courage, and makes me face the ideal of life happily. At any time, I never forget the ability to increase my confidence. I replaced the thought of failure with the experience of success. When I face a difficult situation, I think "I will win" instead of "I might lose." When I compete with people, I think "I am as good as them", not "I can't compare with them." When opportunities arise, I think of "I can do it" rather than "I can't do it."

Everyone’s first step towards success, and the basic step that cannot be missed, is to believe in yourself and believe that you will be able to succeed.

I remind myself regularly: You are better than you think. Successful people are not supermen. Success does not require superhuman intelligence, it is not about luck, and there is no mystery. Successful people are just ordinary people who believe in themselves and affirm what they do. Never, never sell yourself cheaply.

The tenth letter is loyal to yourself

I can deceive the enemy, but I will never deceive myself.

People who ask me to treat each other with sincerity want to reap benefits from me.

What fate gives us is not the wine of disappointment, but the cup of opportunity.

In this world, the vast majority of people are unavoidably driven by a special force that can easily peel off the coat that wraps our humanity, expose us completely to the sun, and justly delimit us in purity And the dirty picture board, so that all our defenses appear pale and weak, no matter how clever we are, it is the touchstone for testing our human nature: interest.

Benefits are the mirror that illuminates human nature. In front of it, all the essences related to morality and ethics will be revealed and unobstructed.

Interests seem to be invincible. It can bring people, races, and countries that could have lived peacefully together, intrigue and deceive each other. It is more accurate to say that we are the masters of our own souls than that we are slaves of interests.

I only show my feelings when it’s good for me; I can let my opponent teach me, but I will never teach my opponent, no matter how deep I know it; think twice, no matter what others are. How to urge, do not think and never act; I have my own truth, only responsible for myself; be careful of those who ask me to treat each other with sincerity, they want to profit from me.

I know that deception is only a strategy in a profit-making game and cannot solve the problem. But I also know that games of for-profits go on day and night, so I must stay vigilant from morning to night and understand: in this game, everyone is an enemy, because everyone takes care of their own interests first, whether or not Good for others. The important thing is how to protect yourself and prepare for battle anytime, anywhere.

The eleventh letter is necessary to be greedy

Let every thought be subject to profit motives.

I am the focus of my life, I decide what suits me.

Destiny must be created by oneself, and what you really hope must be obtained by every means.

There is already a kind of power hidden in human nature, a kind of power that grows in places lacking ability and will, that is jealousy. When you surpass them, they will be jealous of you, they will use derogatory words to accuse you, and even make up lies to slander you, and at the same time be very arrogant in front of you-in my opinion , That is not arrogance, it is just weakness. What's interesting is that when you are far inferior to them and your life is downright, they will ridicule you again, ridicule you for incompetence, stupidity, and even devalue you to the point that you have no human dignity. This is human nature.

The twelfth letter, hell is full of good people

Arrogance usually leads to downfall.

I don't like money, what I like is making money. My belief is to reach the goal before others.

The pain of failure is part of the business war. We are all strangling our opponents. Without the determination to compete and fight to the end, we only have the qualifications to be losers.

I like victory, but I don't like unscrupulous means to pursue victory. A victory at any cost is not a victory. The ugly means of competition is disgusting. It is tantamount to painting the ground as a prison. You may never be able to surpass it. Even if you win a victory, you may lose the chance to win again in the future.

Following the rules does not mean that you must lower your determination to pursue victory, but it means using an ethical way to win a definite victory, and it also means that under such restrictions, you must strive to pursue victory fairly and ruthlessly.

The thirteenth letter, there is no free lunch in the world

You want to make a person disabled, just give him a pair of crutches.

You deny his dignity, you take away his opportunity.

The first and last chapter of the book of wisdom is that there is no free lunch in the world.

When pigs start to become independent, they will become tough and smart.

To live, a person must create something in himself and the outside world that is enough to make life and death a little dignified.

Letter Fourteen, Be Stupid and Smart

People who have not experienced misfortune are unfortunate.

Give a pig a good compliment, and it can climb up the tree.

A person who is smart is a fool, and a person who knows how to play a fool is really smart.

Knowledge is originally empty, and nothing will happen unless knowledge is put into action. Moreover, the knowledge in the textbooks is almost all compiled in the ivory tower by the knowledgeable craftsmen who have had trouble with their heads. It is difficult to help you solve practical problems.

Doing small things is the cornerstone of making big things. If you are above the top from the beginning, you will not be considerate of the mood of your subordinates, and you will not be able to use others. To survive in this world and to create achievements, you must rely on manpower , That is, the power of others, but you must start with small things to understand the mood of being a subordinate. When you take a higher position one day, you will know how to let them contribute all their work enthusiasm.

Every opportunity that we don't understand will become a turning point in our lives.

The meaning of pretending to be stupid is to show a low profile and become humble, in other words, to hide your cleverness.

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